The Edge of Innocence!


Sometimes the unexpected can exceed all expectations, take my daughter’s two-year photo session for example. I had just ordered a new black backdrop for the studio and wanted to test it out. The always photogenic Jacquelyn had just finished dinner and was prancing by my studio trying to catch my attention. I snagged her up for some cuddles and put her down in front of the camera. My wife pointed out her sticky face and messy clothes and whisked her away to make her more presentable.

When Jacquelyn returned, I can swear to you that magic happened. My wife dressed her in a simple black tank top and combined with the dark background her sweet babyness suddenly oozed edge and grit. The illumination of her flawless skin under the lights cast an ethereal glow that showcased her innocence and hinted at the mischievous side all two year-olds possess in spades.

What started as a test shoot became some of our families favorite photos of Jacquelyn. The unexpected contrast of her angelic brightness played beautifully with her dark surroundings.

My wife was planning a biker chic party to celebrate Jacquelyn’s birthday so the photos fit perfectly into the theme and became a focal point in the decor.

It’s inspiring when something unexpected happens and magic is made, in this case it was lighting, atmosphere and the wonder of a child that brought an edge of toughness to my little girl’s innocence.

I couldn’t be happier to add this body of work to my portfolio.

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