Timothy 'Fox' Fuchs

I love to tell a great story and that is what photography is - story telling, moments captured so the story can live on. Put a keen eye on those moments and some artistic flair and the story told becomes an epic tale. Let me tell yours. Photography is my passion, and the best part is that I get to share this passion with my wife. Together we can make your story one for the ages.

Photo Stylist / Photographer

Angel Fuchs

I will help embellish your story with my creative touch, whether it is wardrobe selection for family portraits, food styling for restaurants, or general styling and lighting and prep considerations for product photography. I am also the second shooter as needed.


Capturing the true core of your corporate event gathering is what makes us stand out as event photographers.


We work with our clients to create mouthwatering, delicious imagery for the food and beverage industry. Whether it be seasonal menu items, innovative craft cocktails or chefs in action, we will capture images to make a feast for the eyes!


A combination of photographic expertise and professional-grade equipment make all the difference. Our keen eyes and creative style will leave you with jaw-dropping imagery.


We offer natural and intimate portrait sessions done either on location or in the comfort of your own location. Our approach is relaxed and fun. Whether photographing a couple, a family with children or corporate portraits, the aim is to make you feel as relaxed as possible.

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